Sales and Supply Management System For Manufacturing Organization
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Sales and Supply Management System For Manufacturing Organization


An inventory control system contains a list of orders to be filled and then prompts workers to pick the necessary items, and provides them with packaging and shipping information. Inventory control may be used to automate sales order fulfilment process and also manage in and outward material of hardware. Automation is the replacement of human workers by technology. For optimal sales and inventory management process, robust functionality is needed for managing logistics facilities. Warehouse management functions for inventory control cover internal warehouse movements and storage and its support helps in the recording and tracking of materials on basis of both quantity and value.
This application takes care of all supply orders reducing cost for warehousing, transportation while improving customer service. It significantly improves inventory turns, optimizes flow of goods. It also improves cash flow, visibility and decision making providing efficient execution of tasks using this fast and reliable computerized method.


The main objective of this study is to develop a computerized inventory control management system. Others include;
i. It provides total asset visibility.
ii. It allows reduced inventory stocking levels giving full inventory history.

iii. It reduces lead time, shelf space, and errors due to damage, fatigue of staff and overall cost of operations.
iv. It facilitates “just in time” deliveries.
v. It provides full process control for products.
vi. It provides higher level security as the system would be passworded to prevent unauthorised access.
vii. It shortens cross docking time and speeds up sort/pick up rate.
viii. It helps the management plan, monitor, optimize resources and ascertain their financial position at any time.



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