Electronic E-Tutor For Nursery Schools
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Electronic E-Tutor For Nursery Schools


Computer Technology has become part of the way businesses advertise services, people interact with each other and media reaches the masses. Each modern gadget disseminates more information than the traditional means of reading paper-back books as the younger generation continues to evolve into a technology-based world. Children should be introduced to the computer early in life because we are in technological trend. As it is said “the earlier the better”, It would be a lot of more interesting. Children who are introduced to this method of learning would have an edge in the modern-day society.


Developing core learning skills at an early age in children is arguable the single, most important role schools play in the educational system. Butchildren fail to acquire grade level reading proficiency. Owing to the ineffectiveness of some of the teachers, and their inability to involve modernity into their teaching skills. Gadgets are the modern facilities children of recent times embrace, and do not need learning in operating them most times. Therefore the introduction of the use of electronic tutor which could be used in such electronics as computer systems, mobile phones, tablets and the likes is necessary.



The purpose of this project is to look into the development of an electronic tutor software for schools, in view of creating awareness of the use of computer systems.


To develop a software program that would do the following:

i.             To introduce the child to the computer.

ii.            To introduce the alphabets and their various sounds.

iii.           To teach the child how to put various sounds together to form a words.


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