Automated Course Registration System
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Automated Course Registration System


The introduction of computers to our modern day education system has made so many things possible. Jobs are being carried out more effectively and efficiently. The student course registration is the process used to register all the courses offered by a student of a department which is dependent on the programme. This research work will examine and analyze the presently used student course registration system and a more efficient and user-friendly application will be designed for this process.

The new application will also allow students the chance to register repeat course(s) and also carry-over course(s) as the case may be. Albeit, the registration of repeat course(s) and carry-over course(s) are only applicable to final year and also extra-time student of any programme. The student course registration system will allow submission of registered courses and generally make the system more efficient and effective through the implementation of an integrated and automated database system.

The automated database will help to answer or solve the problem of data redundancy, and the possibility that data contained on a file might be inaccurate because they were never updated. This study seeks to provide solution to many problems associated with student’s record management.

Aim and Objectives of the Study

The main aim is to enhance and upgrade the existing system by increasing its efficiency by replacing the existing manual system with the computer-based system. The following objectives can be achieved also;

•          Ensure that normal credit load in line with the school is maintained.

•          Database for course registration and examination result is maintained

•          References are very fast and delays can be avoided.

•          It allows easy access to stored information.

•          Help in reducing the costs such as labor, inventory and stationary.

•          Generation of accurate results/information of student's is sure.

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