Computerized revenue management system
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Computerized revenue management system


In the face of economic depression and technological advancements round the world, there is growing need to design a computerized monitoring system in a bid to adapt to the global trend in financial management. The existence of computerized economic growth system in relation to the ministry of finance requires a higher dependent scheme of measure in financial control of the federation. Information about the present method of revenue collection and managementby the Board was gathered through interviews, group discussions, direct observation anddocument study. From the information gathered a number of problems inherent in thepresent method of operations were extracted. These problems include: delay in theremittance of collected revenue to the treasury due to the huge computationinvolved in bringing together all revenues collected from thirty Area offices within theState, diversion of the revenue collected into private pockets by staff of the Board,difficulty in identifying and locating tax evaders for necessary legal and prohibitiveactions to be taken against them, computational errors, high level of redundancy andinconsistencies in record, low level of data security, inability to quickly and accuratelyretrieve and assemble relevant data for prompt decision making.

This research isundertaken to proffer solutions to the problems identified in the revenue collection andmanagement in order to provide a sound financial base. A combination of Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology(SSADM) and Object OrientedAnalysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) was deployed to develop a feature richsoftware program called Computerized Revenue Management System. The application was developed using MySQL database platform asbackend and Java as front end. The implementation of the applicationresulted in the elimination of the identified problems.


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